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Novel Ridge Augmentation Prior to Implant Treatment

  • Journal:Novel Ridge Augmentation Prior to Implant Treatment Volume: vol. 9 No. 1 Date: January 2017
    Authors:Himabindu Dukka,, Steven Blanchard, John Vanchit, Michael Gossweiler, Dr. M Hassan, Dr. N Tawfig, Dr. B Gobara, Dr. Mohit Rana, Dr. R. M Lalitha, Dr. Vineeth Kumar, Dr. Abhishek Nandavar Nandavar, Dr. Bhushan Kumar, Dr. Sunny Bhatia, Dr. Prabhdeep Kaur Sandhu, Dr. Sachin Mittal

    6. A Novel Combination Approach to Ridge Augmentation Procedure in a Severely Infected Alveolus Prior to Implant Supported Restorative Treatment: A Case Report

    Acute and chronic odontogenic infections present a significant challenge to effective ridge augmentation procedures prior to dental implant placement. Medical ozone/ oxygen (MOZO) is an anti ineffective therapy that has experienced a resurgence in recent years for treating a variety of medical and dental infections. Recent data has suggested that PRF can be used as a barrier membrane in regeneration procedures. Within the limitation of this study, MOZO has the potential as an adjunct antiinfective therapy combined with the regenerative potential of PRF barrier membrane, providing a novel approach to ridge augmentation in an infected and severely resorbed alveolus.

    16. Assessment of Risk Indicators of Peri-implant Diseases Among a Group of Sudanese Subjects Attending Khartoum Dental Teaching Hospital: A Hospital Based Cross-sectional Study

    Data indicate that complications of dental implant occur in about 50% of patients after 5 years of function. Peri-implant disease following successful integration of an endosseous implant consider as biological complication of dental implant. Peri-implant diseases may affect the peri-implant mucosa only (peri-implant mucositis) or also involve the supporting bone (peri-implantitis). This study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of peri implant diseases in Khartoum Dental Teaching Hospital (KDTH) and to assess implants/patients characteristics as possible risk indicators for peri-implant diseases.

    26. Efficacy of Biograft (β Tricalcium Phosphate) in Alveolar Ridge Preservation: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Study

    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of biograft (β tricalcium phosphate) in alveolar ridge preservation. Guided Bone Regeneration is a successful method of alveolar ridge preservation and that synthetic bone substitute (β- TCP) with a collagen membrane can be usefully utilized for this purpose.

    34. A New Standard Classification System for Dental Implant Drills and Role of Implant Drills in Successful Osseointegration

    Implant drills use is so common now a days and clinicians are aware about implant drills of the system which they are using. It is demand of the time that we should formulate a classification system to categories these drills for ease to remember and identification. Attempts have been made through this article to shed some light on various types of implant drills along with a simplified system of their classification. Another aspect included in this article is various factors influencing the drilling process and causing overheating in osteotomy site.

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