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  • Journal:Cervical Socket Plug Technique Volume: Vol. 12, No. 1 Date: March 2020
    Authors:Konstantinos Valavanis, Alexandros Tzovairis, Ioannis Vergoullis, Young-Hyun Kim, Ra-Hyeon Woo, Yong- Suk Moon, Dong-Seok Sohn, Dr. Vasundhara Bhaskar Rikame, Dr. Robert A. Horowitz, Dr. Yogesh Sharad Doshi, Dr. Maged Iskaros, Dr. Sejndi Rusi

    6. Flapless Hard and Soft Tissue Preservation of Posterior Sockets Utilizing the Cervical Socket Plug Technique: Clinical Protocol and Case Report Different socket grafting techniques have been proposed, utilizing different bone grafting materials, with various degrees of efficacy. A universal problem arising from all of the available techniques is the fact that the soft tissue…

  • Journal:Vertical Bone Augmentation Volume: Vol. 11, No. 4 Date: October 2019
    Authors:Oscar Maldonado Molina, Amr Zahran, Fouad Al Tayib, Amr Ali, Moemen Sheba, Sanaz Mohseni, Courtney Jatana, William M. Johnston, Hany Emam, Dr. Gerald Rudick

    6. Vertical Bone Augmentation and Soft Tissue Management on the Anterior Maxilla, Before and After Implant Placement: A Case Report Complex bone defects could be challenging and implant placement difficult after a complicated extraction. Treatment planning should include implant placement, bone augmentation and soft tissue grafting in horizontal vertical and transversal relationship. The aim of…

  • Journal:Perserving the Buccal Plate Volume: vol. 11 No. 3 Date: September 2019
    Authors:Lanka Mahesh, Gregori M. Kurtzman, Praful Bali, Ioannis Vergoullis, Catherine Badell, George Papadopoulos, Maged Iskaros, Gregori M. Kurtzman, Praful Bali, Varun Raj Kumar

    6. Preserving the Buccal Plate with a Novel Bone Graft Material for Immediate Implants in the Esthetic Zone Implant placement into immediate extraction sockets can present with clinical challenges especially in the esthetic zone. Preservation of the buccal plate is critical to maintaining the position of the gingival tissue so that recession does not compromise…

  • Journal:Clinical Effectiveness of Guided Implant Surgery Volume: vol. 11 No. 2 Date: May 2019
    Authors:Hakobyan Gagik, Hakobyan David, Nariman Samadbin, Nguyen Khanh Long, Hoang Phong My, Dinh Van Truong, Nguyen Dinh Phuc, Dr. Britto Falcón-Guerrero, Rohit Mathur, Chiu-Jen Hsu, Max Nahon, Thomas J. Balshi

    6. Clinical Effectiveness of Guided Implant Surgery The present study aimed at investigating the 5-year clinical treatments outcomes of 93 patients with partial and complete edentulism. No intra-operative or immediate postoperative complications were noted. The success rate at 1 year from the final loading was similar in all groups with no implants lost. Guided implant surgery represents…

  • Journal:Surgical Planning using 3D Printed Models Volume: vol. 11 No. 1 Date: April 2019
    Authors:Mohammed Husain, Dr. Venkat Ratna Nag, Dr. P. Sarika, Dr. Tejashree Bhagwatkar, Dr. Vasantha Dhara, Dr. Verma Kamal, Dr. Viswambaran, Dr. Yadav Rajesh Kumar, Dr. Verma Rashima

    6. Surgical Planning using 3D Printed Anatomical Models in a Complex Case of Dental Implants Dental implant therapy in edentulous patient demonstrating significant alveolar bone loss can be challenging and may require augmentation using autogenous block grafts such as that from the mandibular ramus. Harvesting of autogenous grafts entails the possibility of additional morbidity, including…

  • Journal:Immediately Loaded Pterygoid Implants Volume: vol. 10 No. 7 Date: December 2018
    Authors:Dan Holtzclaw, Roger Telles, Leighton Yerko, Carpio Luis, Amir Khalid Hassan, Renzo Guarnieri

    6. Pterygoid Fixated Arch Stabilization Technique (PFAST): A Retrospective Study of Pterygoid Dental Implants used for Immediately Loaded Full Arch Prosthetics The pterygomaxillary complex is a known anchorage location for dental implants that is typically reserved for use in compromised situations. The dense bone in this area provides excellent insertion torque for dental implants and…

  • Journal:CZRAM for Implant Site Development Volume: vol. 10 No. 6 Date: September 2018
    Authors:Craig E. Hofferber, J. Cameron Beck, Peter C. Liacouras, Matthew B.B. Miller, Dan Holtzclaw, Roger Telles, M.V.S.Sudhir, Narendra Gutlapally, Swathi Ponugoti, Dr. Luis Eduardo Benevides de Moraes, Dr. Eduardo José de Moraes, Nafiseh Soolari, Soulayman Diallo, Ahmad Soolari

    6. Custom Zirconia Ridge Augmentation Matrix (CZRAM) for Implant Site Development: A Report of Two Cases This is a report of two cases describing the use of custom zirconia ridge augmentation matrices (CZRAM) to effectively augment deficient alveolar ridges prior to dental implant placement. 3D computer-aided design (CAD) of customized zirconia rigid space maintenance devices…

  • Journal:Fibrous Dysplasia Volume: vol. 10 No. 5 Date: July 2018
    Authors:Dr. Dhaval P Pandya, Dr. Anil Varshney, Dr. Prashant D Shirke, Dhaval P Pandya, Dr. Nathalia Benevides de Moraes, Dr. Eduardo José de Moraes, Carlos Nelson Elias, Luis Eduardo Benevides de Moraes, Soulayman Diallo, Ahmad Soolari

    6. Fibrous Dysplasia of the Mandible: A Case Report Fibrous dysplasia is a skeletal developmental disorder of the bone forming mesenchyme that manifests as a defect in osteoblastic differentiation and maturation. It is a lesion of unknown etiology, uncertain pathogenesis, and diverse histopathology. Fibrous dysplasia represents about 2.5% of all bone tumours and over 7%…

  • Journal:Odontogenic Keratocyst Marsupialization and Decompression Volume: vol. 10 No. 4 Date: June 2018
    Authors:Juan Gonzalez, David Malave, Dan Holtzclaw, Kevin Guze, Dr. Lanka Mahesh, Dr. JL Calvo Guiardo, Dr. Sagrika Shukla, Pavankumar Addanki

    6. Odontogenic Keratocyst Treatment with Marsupialization and Decompression: A Case Series Odontogenic cysts such as the odontogenic keratocyst are benign lesions that have the potential for aggressive infiltrative behavior and undesirable comorbidities. Treatment of these lesions with conservative techniques such as marsupialization and decompression have proven and lasting benefits. The following series presents two cases…

  • Journal:Rebuilding Buccal Plate Deficiency During Immediate Implant Placement Volume: vol. 10 No. 3 Date: April 2018
    Authors:Héctor N. Norero, Mauricio A. Ibanez, Ana Luisa Bernotti, Gregori M. Kurtzman, Dr. Lank Mahesh, Dr. Nitika Poonia, Dr. Vishal Gupta, Britto Falcón-Guerrero

    6. A New Technique for Rebuilding the Buccal Plate during Placement of Immediate Dental Implants in an Extraction Site with Buccal Defects The final decision when placing a dental implant in an extraction site must be done looking at the integrity of the socket walls. When the buccal plate is partially or totally lost, the…

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