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  • Journal:Palatal Torus Removal and Stereolithographic Modeling Volume: vol. 10 No. 1 Date: January 2018
    Authors:Juan Gonzalez, David Malave, Dan Holtzclaw, Vahik Paul Meserkhani, Charles J. Goodacre, Dr. Guillermo Schinini, Dr. Hugo Romanelli, Dan Holtzclaw, Juan Gonzalez, David Malave

    6. Torus Palatinus: A Brief Review of the Literature and Case Report of Removal The Torus Palatinus is a specific type of exophytic bony protuberance that can have profound effects on certain patients. While typically slow growing and asymptomatic in most patients, Torus Palatinus can lead to chronic pain and frustration for patients with prosthetic…

  • Journal:Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Rehabilitation with Dental Implants Volume: vol. 9 No. 9 Date: November 2017
    Authors:Robert L. Schneider, Stephen L. Fletcher, Kyle M. Stein, Tony Daher, Vahik P. Meserkhani, Nick Caplanis, Dr. Ira Langsteint

    6. Dental Rehabilitation of a Patient with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Neurofibromatosis not only manifests in several physical issue but may also affect the oral cavity. Rehabilitation of the dentition will likely involve several dental specialty disciplines in coordination with medical colleagues. This case report demonstrates the coordination of treatment of a neurofibromatosis type I (NF1)…

  • Journal:Hybrid Dental Implants Volume: vol. 9 No. 8 Date: October 2017
    Authors:Dr. Amit Bali, Dr. Jatinder Pal Singh Chawla, Dr. Aayush Malhotra, Leon Chen, DMD, MS, Xiaoxin Zhang, Jennifer Cha, DMD, Syue-Fu Chen, Pravej Serichetaphongse, Michel Marcel Dard, Pornchai Jansisyanont, Joseph Datar, Kerri Font, Charles Powell, Michael Schurr

    6. Hybrid Dental Implants as an Alternative to Conventional Dental Implants, Eliminating the Need for Associated Ridge Augmentation Procedures Bone augmentation procedures are demanding concerning surgical skills and biostability of materials. As such, the revolution of advancements and search for alternative procedures for the replacement of missing teeth has evolved to avoid obvious problems and…

  • Journal:Biotype Tissue Change at Second Stage Implant Surgery Volume: vol. 9 No. 7 Date: September 2017
    Authors:Dr. Korkud Demirel, Vladimir Kokovic, Aleksandar Kokovic, Dr. Deepti Gattani, Dr. Bhagyashree Gudadhe, Dr. Sneha Meshram, Dr. Yerko Leighton, Dr. Joaquin Camino

    6. Change of Tissue Biotype at Second Stage Implant Surgery: Report of an Alternative Method of Connective Tissue Graft Positioning Concurrent to Membrane Removal Due to the limited spaces between an implant and neighboring teeth, ideal positioning of the connective tissue grafts at the time of membrane removal may be challenging if the healing abutments…

  • Journal:6 Year Multi-Center Study on Osseofuse Dental Implants Volume: vol. 9 No. 6 Date: August 2017
    Authors:Dr. Leon Chen, Dr. Jennifer Cha, Britto Falcón-Guerrero, Michael Hoglund, Georgina ElGhoule, Nick Caplanis

    6. Osseofuse HexaPlus Dental Implants: A 6-Year Retrospective Follow-Up of Over 250 Implants Advances in technology have allowed contemporary dental implant systems to achieve success rates that routinely exceed 95% across all brands and models. With such predictable success, clinicians often base their choice for dental implants on certain unique features associated with different systems….

  • Journal:Custom Emergence Profile Around Implants Volume: vol. 9 No. 5 Date: July 2017
    Authors:Ioannis Vergoullis, Catherine Badell, George Papadopoulos, Dr. Samar M Jambi, Amr Zahran, Fouad Al Tayib, Amr Ali, Dr. Bhushan Kumar, Dr. Sunny Bhatia, , Dr. Sachin Mittal

    6. An Innovative Approach for the Selection, Generation and Recording of a Custom Emergence Profile Around Implants Currently the clinical dexterity required along with the time and cost involved has been a constant obstacle for the evolvement of the process of custom emergence profile development to a standard of care. This is the first report…

  • Journal:The MIMS Technique for Gingival Grafting Volume: vol. 9 No. 4 Date: June 2017
    Authors:Marcus J. Blue, Dr. Lanka Mahesh, Dr. Devich Aran Shetty, Dr. Sagrika Shukla, Dr. Doraiswamy Roopavathy, Dr Bhaskaran Sathyapriya, Dr. Purushothaman Lakshmanan, Amr Zahran, Basma Mostafa

    6. The MIMS Technique – A Case Report: A First Look at a New Method for Optimizing Esthetic Gingival Grafting Suturing in the esthetic zone can be unsightly and difficult for patients post-operatively. Moreover, when clinically presented with a very thin tissue biotype needing soft tissue grafting to repair a mucogingival defect, approaches may be…

  • Journal:Custom Made Auricular Prosthesis Volume: vol. 9 No. 3 Date: April 2017
    Authors:M. Lovely, Dinesh Gopal, Vinod Kumar, K. Chandrasekharan Nair, Biji.Thomas, Tsuneaki Watanabe, Francesco Inchingolo, Panagiotis G. Georgakopoulos, Gianna Dipalma, Stavros Tsantis, Tiziano Batani, Ezio Cheno, Ioannis P. Georgakopoulos, Dhaval Pandya

    6. A Custom Made Implant Supported Auricular Prosthesis Designed by Rapid Prototyping for Compromised Bone Support: A Case Report Implant supported auricular prosthesis requires a minimum of 6mm bone depth in the temporal bone area behind external auditory meatus. Extra oral implants are available from 4mm to 7mm length with 5 to 6mm diameter flange….

  • Journal:Computer Guided Full Arch Immediately Loaded Dental Implants Volume: vol. 9 No. 2 Date: February 2017
    Authors:Dr. Dhaval P. Pandya, Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao, Dr. Kanir H. Bhatia, Dan Holtzclaw, Robert Tofe, Algabri RS, Keshk AM, Elkhadem AH, Fahmmy A, Aboalrejal HO, Dr. Ajay Mootha, ,Dr. Ramandeep Dugal

    6. Computer Guided Full Arch Treatment Modality for the Edentulous Patient: A Case Report Successful outcomes in the field of implantology often involve an amalgamation of good planning, execution of surgery and finally, accurate prosthetic rehabilitation. In the planning phase, it is possible for the surgeon to interact dynamically with a 3D reconstruction of the…

  • Journal:Novel Ridge Augmentation Prior to Implant Treatment Volume: vol. 9 No. 1 Date: January 2017
    Authors:Himabindu Dukka,, Steven Blanchard, John Vanchit, Michael Gossweiler, Dr. M Hassan, Dr. N Tawfig, Dr. B Gobara, Dr. Mohit Rana, Dr. R. M Lalitha, Dr. Vineeth Kumar, Dr. Abhishek Nandavar Nandavar, Dr. Bhushan Kumar, Dr. Sunny Bhatia, Dr. Prabhdeep Kaur Sandhu, Dr. Sachin Mittal

    6. A Novel Combination Approach to Ridge Augmentation Procedure in a Severely Infected Alveolus Prior to Implant Supported Restorative Treatment: A Case Report Acute and chronic odontogenic infections present a significant challenge to effective ridge augmentation procedures prior to dental implant placement. Medical ozone/ oxygen (MOZO) is an anti ineffective therapy that has experienced a…

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