Thank you for  visiting  If you are a returning user, you’ll notice many new changes including a brand new look for the site.  If this is your first time visiting JIACD; welcome!  In either case it is important that you subscribe or create an account  to continue to receive important email updates and new journal notifications.

The site includes many new additions and changes and will continue to grow by adding new features and functionality that both both we here at JIACD feel are important and changes that our readers would like to.


  • The first thing you’ll notice is the new site design for easier navigation.  We have also added search engine and you can now search for author, title or keywords throughout all of the journals.


  • Next are the advertisements.   We know that advertising can be intrusive sometimes and we decided to keep the original layout similar to the old JIACD site.  The difference is that you are now able to purchase Ad banners (top, side and bottom) for a relatively small fee (1000.00 / year for side banners & 2500.00 / year for top and bottom banners) which helps cover the operating costs and keeps JIACD free.   To purchase an add, create an account, login, click on Dashboard and then click “Purchase Ad’s” (there are still a few kinks being worked out but it will be fully operational soon).  If you would like to advertise in the journal as well, please send an email to to receive the 2015 media kit.



  • The format for the journal has changed as well and you are able to download the pdf version of the journal directly from the site



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