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The Benefits of Using the Immediate Implant Placement Technique

When a dentist brings up dental implants with a patient, the red flags start to fly. Even when patients are aware of the inevitability of implants, it can still be a scary process. One of the first questions they ask is, “How long will this take?” Regardless of the procedure, that’s a primary concern for anyone with a busy schedule.

It’s certainly understandable as many patients have to take time away from work for clinic visits. Others like to anticipate how long the healing process will be so they can adjust their activities as required, if applicable.

The main benefit of immediate implant placement technique addresses this concern in a practical fashion. During this procedure, the implant is placed in the socket immediately after a tooth extraction. By combining what was once two different procedures, the immediate implant helps avoid crestal bone loss that is usually experienced with tooth loss and shortens the healing time since there’s no missing space for the gums to heal around.

Even better, this procedure doesn’t require numerous visits with the patient. Studies have shown that patients prefer this method for that reason alone. Further long-term studies also back it up as having very high cumulative implant survival rates, nearing 100%.

The immediate implant placement technique benefits the dental clinic as well. It simplifies surgical workflow and allows for more patients to be seen and costs less to perform. Plus, it’ll make the clinic far more popular with patients overall.


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