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Surgical Planning Using 3D Printed Models

Oral surgeries are never simple. They take precise execution enabled by intensive planning. That second part, though, entails a whole set of its own challenges. Especially in patients with significant bone loss, getting the grafts needed to successfully place implants is notoriously tricky. With new explorations from our journal of clinical dentistry, however, developing technologies might pose a simpler and less risky option for surgeons.

3D printing, still rocketing forward after only a few years on the open market, finds new uses in industries of all kinds. It is already found a home in dentistry, with labs using the process to craft dentures and other prosthetics with high personalization and low turnaround times. But as professionals and researchers explore new possibilities, even more possibilities become apparent. One of the most interesting and potentially helpful is creating 3D models for surgical planning.

Encouraging Patient Success

All surgical planning has the same basic goal: reduce risks by giving the surgeon a good idea of the necessary steps to take in an actual procedure. 3D printing, as explored in recent journal of clinical dentistry research, is particularly promising here. It provides an extremely accurate jaw model for use in the planning process. Instead of working from rough approximations, the surgeon can utilize a near-exact replication of the patient’s jaw to predict potential challenges and solutions.

This is great for all parties since it improves confidence going into the operation for both the patient and the professional. Though the full value of 3D modeling is still a subject of research, the promise can’t be ignored in a world where better dentistry can create better lives for countless individuals. Explore the pages of our journal of clinical dentistry to learn more about the possibilities and proven potential of this emerging solution for effective planning. Subscribe to our journal to learn more.


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