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Vertical Augmentation with Piezoelectric Sandwich Technique

  • Journal:Vertical Augmentation with Piezoelectric Sandwich Technique Volume: Vol. 1, No. 3 Date: May 2009
    Authors:Miguel A. Iglesia, DDS, MS, GD Rachlin, DDS, MN Pratt, DDS, JF Koubi, DDS, Celeste M. Abraham DDS, MS, Terry D. Rees DDS, MSD, Masana Suzuki, Yorimasa Ogata, Mohammad Ketabi, DDS, MDS, Robert Pilliar BASc, PhD, Douglas Deporter, DDS, PhD

    11. Prosthetic Case of the Month Customized Implant Abutment with Titanium Laser Welding

    Background: Customized dental implant abut- ments provide the restoring dentist and lab- oratory technician an opportunity to make subtle changes to the final implant resto- ration position. Such modifications assist in the achievement of maximum aesthetics.

    17.  Piezoelectric Sandwich Vertical Augmentation: A Series of Case Reports

    Background: Variations of pedicled and inter- positional bone grafts for dentistry have been in use for over 30 years. This case series reports on three cases in which a piezoelec- tric “sandwich” variation of the previously men- tioned grafting techniques was employed.

    41. Treatments and Treatment Outcomes in Patients with Oral Lichen Planus

    Background: The aim of this study was to review the clinical characteristics of biopsy proven oral lichen planus (OLP), the therapeutic methods used and treatment outcomes achieved in 100 individu- als referred to a tertiary care center and followed for up to 4 and one-half years after diagnosis.

    55. Classification of Single Tooth Edentulous Ridges with Augmentation Recommendations for Dental Implant Treatment

    Background: The goal of implant therapy is to achieve both functional and cosmetic improve- ments. Dental implantation into defective alveo- lar ridges should be performed with more caution than treatment using a fixed partial denture or bridge. To prepare dental implants with biologi- cal stability and optimal function, it is necessary not only to establish appropriate conditions for prostheses but also to consider how they blend in with surrounding periodontal tissues. There have been several studies on the classification of par- tially edentulous alveolar ridges, but most of them reported simple ridge-defect patterns alone. Such classifications may not provide enough informa- tion for making dental implant treatment plans.

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