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Titanium Mesh Guided Bone Regeneration

  • Journal:Titanium Mesh Guided Bone Regeneration Volume: vol. 7 No. 7 Date: September 2015
    Authors:Dr. Lanka Mahesh, Dr. Ajay Bibra, Dr. Vishal Gupta, Dan Holtzclaw, Roger Telles, Umashankar Pal, Niraj Mishra, R.K. Singh

    Titanium Mesh Guided Bone Regeneration


    11. Immediate Implants with Guided Bone Regeneration Using Titanium Mesh and Alloplast in an Infected Site: A Case Report

    Years of research and advancement in techniques and biomaterials have made surgical procedures more predictable, which leads to confidence in clinicians for trying ambitious procedures in their day to day practices. GBR is one such procedure with which we can
    try to achieve unachievable in implant dentistry. Bone reconstruction should restore bone volume in both horizontal and vertical directions.

    17. Analysis of Fractures in All-On-4 Provisional Restorations Using a Standardized Classification System

    Immediate provisionalization newly placed dental implants with acrylic based restorations is a hallmark of the All-On-4 treatment procedure. In addition to providing the patient with instantaneous non-removable masticatory function and esthetics, immediate provisionalization in All-On-4 treatment helps to stabilize dental implants during the healing phase by means of improved stress
    distribution. Proper fabrication of the All-On-4 transitional restoration is critical as these restorations must typically function anywhere from 4-12 months until delivery of the final prosthesis.

    27. A Technique to Identify Attached Gingiva During Virtual Implant Planning

    Virtual implant planning allows for 3D correlation between the bone anatomy and the future prosthetic position. Due to radiographiclimitation the quality of the overlying mucosa cannot be determined. Lack of adequate volume keratinized mucosa may be associated with intra-operative complications or might jeopardize the long term prognosis.

    33. Evaluation of Intra-osseous Stability of Immediately Placed Implants in Infected Alveolar Sockets

    Describe a protocol for the immediate placement of implant into infected alveolar socket. Predisposing factors for failures are incomplete debridement of the socket, poor oral hygiene, incomplete closure of the wound, and systemic factors like hormones. From this study we may conclude that immediate implants are a viable treatment option for patients with periapical infections.

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