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Sticky Bone Use in Implant Dentistry

  • Journal:Sticky Bone Use in Implant Dentistry Volume: vol. 7 No. 10 Date: December 2015
    Authors:Dong-Seok Sohn, Bingzhen Huang, Jin Kim, Charles C. Park, Paul P. Binon, Henning Visser, Dr. Preety Desai, Dr. Ahmed Yaseen Alqutaibi, Dr. Mohammed Farouk

    “Sticky Bone” Use in Implant Dentistry


    11. Utilization of Autologous Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF) Enriched Bone Graft Matrix (Sticky Bone) and CGF-Enriched Fibrin Membrane in Implant Dentistry

    Platelets are known to release several growth factors which stimulate tissue regeneration. Several techniques for platelet concentrates have been introduced in surgical field for the prevention of hemorrhage and acceleration of tissue regeneration. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) belong to the first generation of platelet concentrates. PRP and PRGF require chemical additives such as anticoagulants and thrombin or calcium chloride to induce fibrin polymerization before applying to the surgical site. Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) and concentrated growth factors (CGF), as second generation of platelet concentrate, utilizes patient’s venous blood alone to trigger platelet activation and fibrin polymerization.  PRF and CGF can be used as alternative to traditional barrier membrane over bone graft, therefore acceleration of tissue regeneration is acquired.

    31. A New Paradigm for Fixed Complete Dentures

    The ever expanding role of Zirconia is applied to one piece full arch implant supported restorations that mirror their metal counterpart in strength and versatility and exceeds them in complete passivity at the implant interface. Their overall natural appearance and refined esthetic is limited only by the mastery of the dentist / technician team that applies this new technology. The clinical and laboratory sequence of the prosthesis creation is presented from start to completion.

    41. Gingival Grafting: A Novel Approach to Single Stage Augmentation for Root Coverage

    The existence and preservation of attached keratinized gingiva around natural teeth and dental implants plays an important role in periodontal and peri-implant health. This paper describes a novel surgical technique that addresses multiple adjacent Miller class II and III recession defects in a predictable one staged surgical procedure. The goal of treatment is to improve esthetic outcomes, gain clinical attachment and keratinized tissue
    levels in addition to possible root coverage. A combination of traditional periodontal plastic procedures is utilized with sound evidence based techniques.

    55. Solving the Problem of Misangulated Implant Retained Overdenture with Bar Attachment: A Case Report

    Mis-angulated implant is one of the main causes of frequent ball attachment maintenance, as a result of accelerated rate of plastic component wear. In this case report a treatment approach with bar retained implant mandibular overdenture were described to patient with history of frequent loss of retention of ball attachment retained mandibular implant overdenture the require new O-ring replacement of ball attachments every 6 weeks, the patient asked for solution for this problem as he cannot afford high coast of frequent maintenance.

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