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Piezoelectric Block Grafting

  • Journal:Piezoelectric Block Grafting Volume: Vol 5, No. 11 Date: November 2013
    Authors:Robert J. Miller, Ron Zokol, Dan Holzclaw, Jack Krauser, Antonio Sanz, Nabil E. Beaini, Dr. Nisha V. Patel, Merve Bankoglu Güngör, Cemal Aydın, Handan Yılmaz, Irem Türkcan

    Piezoelectric Block Grafting


    11. A New Implant Architecture Designed for Extraction/ Immediate Placement Protocols: The Fusion OS® Implant By Robert J. Miller, Ron Zokol, Dan Holzclaw, Jack Krauser, Antonio Sanz

    An increasing number of dental implants are being placed at the time of tooth extraction. Initial stability, primary stability, secondary stability, insertion torque, boneto- implant contact, ISQ, and cumulative implant survival are measurements that have been developed in healed site protocols utilizing traditional implant designs. Unlike healed sites, extraction site defects often result in less than optimal bone-to-implant contact. This can result in lowered initial stability which may often has undesirable consequences when an implant is provisionalized or immediately loaded. An implant architecture has been designed to maximize initial stability in these compromised sites utilizing an advanced thread profile.

    23. Localized Reconstruction of the Posterior Mandibular Ridge Using the Split-Ridge Technique: A Case Report. By Nabil E. Beaini, Michael R. Umaki

    Mandibular ridge reconstruction presents various challenges to surgeons. Obviously, the presence of the inferior alveolar canal complicates implant placement in the posterior mandibular areas. In addition, skeletal deformities, namely resorption, occur as a result of loss of mandibular posterior teeth. Various techniques have been proposed in order to augment the posterior mandibular segments, including the ramus and/or chin autogenous block bone graft approach guided bone regeneration or a split ridge osteotomy. Misch, Pikos and Block et al., have reported ramus and chin autogenous block bone grafts to be predictable in augmenting the posterior edentulous mandibular alveolar ridge, both in horizontal and vertical dimensions.

    29. Alveolar Ridge Augmentation with Autogenous Mental Block Harvested Using Ultrasonic Bone Surgery and Platelet Rich Plasma: A Case Report By Dr. Nisha V. Patel, Dr. Pankaj Chivte

    This article describes a case of horizontal alveolar ridge defect augmented with mental bone block harvested using Ultrasonic bone surgery (USBS). Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and platelet poor plasma (PPP) membrane were used as a source of biologic mediators.

    39. Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of Immediate Loaded One Piece Zirconia Implants After 18 Months of Function By Merve Bankoglu Güngör, Cemal Aydın, Handan Yılmaz, Irem Türkcan

    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical and radiographic outcomes of one-piece zirconia implants after 18 months follow up period.

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