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Modified Mandibular Implant Bar Overdenture

  • Journal:Modified Mandibular Implant Bar Overdenture Volume: vol. 8 No. 1 Date: March 2016
    Authors:Adnan Al-Fahd, Iman Radi, Luis Roberto Sanchez Garza, Francisco José Carrillo Morales, Dr. Britto Falcon, Dr. Adnan Al-Fahd, Dr. Nadia Abbas, Dr. Mohamed Farouk, Dr. Ahmed Yassin Al-Qutaibi

    Modified Mandibular Implant Bar Overdenture

    11. A Modified Design of the Mandibular Implant Bar Overdenture in Reduced Interarch Spaces: A Case Report

    The patients with limited interarch space are more susceptible to denture base fracture. This technique aims to reinforce the denture base of implant bar retained mandibular overdenture and to protect it against anticipated fracture. The overdenture framework design is easy to fabricate, predictable and provides a good solution for the implant bar retained overdentures with reduced interarch space.

    19. Digital Design and Oral Rehabilitation of the Anterior Segment of an Atrophic Maxilla using Autogenous Bone Grafts Harvested from Mandibular Ramus and Restored with Dental Implants

    The surgical procedures involved in the restoration of the tissue architecture of the dental arches have been studied, developed, and modified throughout the years, and have reported great success. However, in some cases it’s difficult to restore the complete anatomy of the dental arches even when multiple interventions of the soft and hard tissue have been performed.  Through the therapy applied, we were able to establish the functional parameters of chewing, swallowing, phonetics, smile symmetry, harmony and dental shade and shape match resulting in physical and psychological comfort of our patient.

    45. Effectiveness of a New Surgical Approach: “Tinkiy,” for Reconstruction of Peri Implant Papilla and the Treatment of Gingival Recession

    The goal of this article to is present and evaluate the clinical effectiveness of a new surgical approach using a coronally advanced flap performed during second stage implant surgery for the reconstruction of peri implant papillae and treatment of gingival recession of adjacent teeth.  Six months after the second stage implant surgery, the reconstruction of the peri implant papillae and treatment of gingival recessions were evaluated. Resulted were of a stable and predictable form.

    55. Mandibular Overdenture Retained by Single Midline Implant for Geriatric Patients: A Case Report

    Mandibular implant overdentures retained by two implants are a well-documented treatment that overcomes most of the conventional complete denture problems. Unfortunately, this option is outside the financial capacity of several elderly edentulous patients, especially in developing countries. Therefore, a single implant midline overdenture may produce a promise solution for these patients.

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