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Lateral Sliding Flap to Assist with Anterior Maxillary Dental Implant Esthetics

  • Journal:Lateral Sliding Flap to Assist with Anterior Maxillary Dental Implant Esthetics Volume: vol. 7 No. 9 Date: November 2015
    Authors:Hernán Bontá, Nelson Carranza, Facundo Caride, Mariana Rojas, Federico Galli, Dr. Adnan Al-Fahd, Dr. Iman Radi, Dr. Amir Fayaz, Dr. Mohammad Jafarian, Dr. Yeganeh Memari, Dr. Seyedeh Mahsa Sheikh-Al-Eslamian

    Lateral Sliding Flap to Assist with Anterior Maxillary Dental Implant Esthetics


    11. Laterally Sliding Flap Surgical Approach for Soft Tissue Closure in Post-Extraction Alveolar Ridges: Technique
    and Clinical Results Presented in a Case Series

    Since the decade of the 1970s different techniques have been developed to achieve primary closure. An alternate lingual/palatal sliding flap surgical technique to obtain primary soft tissue closure in post extraction socket sites was present with followed during six months.  The laterally sliding flap variant presented is a simple, versatile, and predictable, technique to obtain primary wound closure of maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth, while preserving the position of the mucogingival junction.

    23. Multidisciplinary Approach for Treatment of Severly Resorbed Maxillary Anterior Ridge Complicated by Cysts in a
    Single Surgical Session

    Severe defects of the alveolar ridge can have many causes including the loss of teeth due to caries, periodontal problems, trauma and in some cases the presence of cystic lesions, which can cause severe bone resorption, which represent a challenge for the surgeons.  This article aims to present a case report in which through a multidisciplinary approach is achieved rehabilitate a returning patient function and aesthetics in a single surgical session.

    31. Management of Complex Deeply Positioned, Severely Mal-Aligned Dental Implant: A Case Report

    Misaligned implant presents a prosthetic challenge especially when accompanied with malposition. Sometimes such complex cases remain without restoration even if they are properly Osseo integrated. The fixed prosthesis which is the most acceptable option by the patient can be achieved by appropriate procedure as explained in this report to achieve a fixed prosthesis for such complex cases.

    37. Management of the Wide Space in the Anterior Maxilla with a Dental Implant Restoration: A Case Report

    Complications could occur subsequent to the implant restoration (for wide space management) of the anterior maxillary region. Therefore, to minimize these complications, meticulous examination, diagnosis, temporalization and the patient awareness of the final results should be taken into consideration. Also, in order to achieve the best results reshaping of associated teeth may become necessary through the course of treatment. Establishing soft tissue around implant restoration, appropriate emergence profile creation prior to implant restoration and space division between anterior incisors are critical factors behind harmonic appearance. The purpose of this paper is to describe a case report in which the wide edentulous space closure was accomplished using implant restorations.

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