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Implant-Supported Milled Bar Overdenture

  • Journal:Implant-Supported Milled Bar Overdenture Volume: vol. 8 No. 8 Date: December 2016
    Authors:Dr. Les Kalman, Algabri RS, Al Adashi OQ, Alqutaibi AY, Shandy M, Fahmmy A, Kai-Chiao J. Chang, Kristyn Hope, Leyvee Cabanilla Jacobs, Michelle Wheater, Zachary S. Goettsche, Ronald L Ettinger

    6. Implant-Supported Milled Bar Overdenture

    Edentulism is a common condition affecting a significant portion of the population. A conventional approach to compensate for this condition is the fabrication and placement of dentures; however, traditional denture rehabilitation has its limitations. Implant-retained dentures provide increased retention, while implant-supported dentures provide ideal bracing and resolution of many patient
    complaints. The implant-supported milled bar overdenture is an alternative approach to rehabilitation in which the patient can easily remove and clean their denture, maximizing oral hygiene. This approach is technically demanding but provides an accessible, cost-effective option

    14. Full Mouth Rehabilitation of Patient with Advanced Chronic Periodontitis: A Case Report

    In rehabilitation of patients with advance chronic periodontitis, a great concern to both patient and dentist is the effect of periodontal infection on the implant survival rate. In this case report, full mouth rehabilitation of patient with history of advanced chronic periodontics was described. The treatment performed includes full arch maxillary fixed implant supported prosthesis, mandibular anterior fixed teeth supported prosthesis and mandibular posterior fixed implant supported prosthesis.

    22. MMP-8 Levels in Peri-Implant Sulcular Fluid from Platform-Switched and Conventional Implants

    Despite clinical implications of the role of MMP-8 in gingival inflammation few studies have examined the correlation of MMP-8 to platform switching in implant dentistry. The objective of this study was to compare MMP-8 concentration in periimplant sulcular fluid associated with non-platform- switched and platform-switched implants. MMPs play central roles in wound healing and inflammatory response. However the current study suggests that MMP-8 levels may not be a consistent diagnostic indicator to assess clinical response post-function where the goal is to compare different implant abutment platform designs.

    30. An investigation of the Availability of Consumer Prices for a Single Tooth Implant

    This study assessed the availability and costs of replacing a single tooth with an implant and crown in academic and private practices. Prosthodontic departments were more likely to disclose the costs of placing and restoring an implant, and were cheaper. Geographic locations influenced costs. Future research should focus on evaluating the difference in fees between general dentists and specialists.

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