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Immediately Loaded Pterygoid Implants

  • Journal:Immediately Loaded Pterygoid Implants Volume: vol. 10 No. 7 Date: December 2018
    Authors:Dan Holtzclaw, Roger Telles, Leighton Yerko, Carpio Luis, Amir Khalid Hassan, Renzo Guarnieri

    6. Pterygoid Fixated Arch Stabilization Technique (PFAST): A Retrospective Study of Pterygoid Dental Implants used for Immediately Loaded Full Arch Prosthetics

    The pterygomaxillary complex is a known anchorage location for dental implants that is typically reserved for use in compromised situations. The dense bone in this area provides excellent insertion torque for dental implants and has been associated with high survival rates in delayed loading scenarios. To date, no known studies have specifically evaluated pterygoid anchored dental implants for immediately loaded full arch restorations.

    18. All on 4 Immediate Loading Technique Using Laser Narrow Made Implants in Severely Reabsorbed Jaws: A 3 Year Prospective Study

    The objective of the present prospective study was to observe the behavior of an immediate loading protocol on 4 narrow laser made implants distributed polygonally in severely reabsorbed edentulous mandibles. Preliminary data suggest that the immediate loading through a rigid prosthetic structure associated with narrow posterior tilted implants in combination with narrow medial axial implants could be considered as a viable modality treatment and present a good clinical outcome in the severely reabsorbed mandible.

    28. Dental Abscess Affecting Facial Skin: A Case Series

    Dental abscesses are frequently found in the oral cavity and are often related to badly decayed teeth and poor oral hygiene. Dental caries and pulpal necrosis often end in extending infections to alveolar bone and sometimes involving the outer layer of the face. The origins of these facial sinus orifices cannot be distinguished easily, often confusing the medical team attempting diagnosis. The following case series documents treatment of dental abscesses that affected facial skin.

    36. Immediate Healing Abutment Placement Associated with Connective Tissue Graft and Coronally Positioned Flap on Laser-Microgrooved Implants to Improve Peri-Implant Soft Tissue Conditions: A Case Report

    Soft tissue recession is one of the most important problems of implants, when thin buccal bone thickness, and inadequate width and thickness of keratinized gingiva are presents. To prevent such defects and to increase width and thickness of keratinized tissue around implants, connective tissue graft (CTG) is one of the most used surgical techniques. in case of an inadequate vestibular bone thickness (< 1.5/2mm), additional bone grafting is not needed around a lasermicrotextured implant/abutment, if an adequate soft tissue width and thickness is obtained with an immediate CTG, a coronally positioned flap, and immediate healing abutment placement.

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