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Horizontal Augmentation of the Deficient Alveolar Ridge

  • Journal:Horizontal Augmentation of the Deficient Alveolar Ridge Volume: vol. 8 No. 5 Date: September 2016
    Authors:Dr. Edward Ruvins, Dr. Mark Stein, Dr. Susanna Kayserman, Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, Dr. Smriti Kapur, Dr. Aman Arora, Dr. Aditi Goyal, Dr. Fawaz Alqahtani, Dr. Abdullah Alnasser, Dr. Nader Almutairi, Dr. Abdulhameed Alodaib

    6. Horizontal Augmentation of the Deficient Alveolar Ridge Associated with Concurrent Implant Placement: A Retrospective Analysis of Outcomes

    The challenges of many clinical cases lie in difficulty of managing severely compromised ridge defects. History of previously sustained alveolar trauma, past surgical procedures and variable pathologic developments cause substantial alteration of normal bone structure requiring osseoregenerative procedures to restore an adequate volume and architecture of alveolar structure needed for implant placement. The objective of this retrospective study was to measure and analyze clinical benefits gained by completion of guided osseous tissue regeneration treatment with utilization of “Tunnel Approach” completed concurrently with dental implant placement.

    18. An Analysis of Negative Online Reviews for Dental Practices in Multiple Metropolitan Markets

    Modern consumers are increasingly relying on crowdsourced online reviews to assist with their purchasing decisions. This is especially true when evaluating intangible items such as services which cannot be physically evaluated by the consumer. A variety of factors such as Framing, Primacy Effect, and Valence of online reviews have significant impact on consumer perceptions of evaluated businesses. Negative reviews have been shown to have a dramatic impact on all of the factors that affect online reviews and thus, also impact business performance.

    24. Smile Design with Immediate Implant Placement

    The esthetic dentist should have a thorough knowledge and appreciation of the artistic principles that can be applied to the dentofacial complex and should combine artistic creativity with scientific discretion to effect an appreciable change in the dentition. The smile we create should be esthetically appealing and functionally sound and requires a comprehensive approach to patient care. Appropriate application of principles of smile designing for any restorative work can drastically improve the esthetics of the patients. Nowadays, patients do not accept even the shortest period of edentulism.

    32. Bone Quality Assessment in Routine Dental Implant Treatment among Dental Implant Practitioners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    A questionnaire was created that included shut inquiries about attitude and knowledge and also to assess for symptomatic routines of bone quality evaluation. The questionnaire was web-based and sent to the most of the dental practitioners who practice dental implants in dental schools, hospitals, and private clinics in Saudi Arabia. The questionnaire was designed for four groups: general practitioner, postgraduate resident, specialist, and consultant.

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