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Gingival Development with New Implant Pontic Design

  • Journal:Gingival Development with New Implant Pontic Design Volume: Vol 5, No. 9 Date: September 2013
    Authors:Sherman Lin, Barry P. Levin, Sergio Rubinstein, Toshi Fujiki, Yvan Fortin, Richard M. Sullivan, Giancarlo Di Giulio, Enrico Gallucci

    Gingival Development with New Implant Pontic Design


    11. Multidisciplinary Approach to Maxillary Anterior Dental Implant Therapy: A Case Report By Sherman Lin

    The following case report demonstrates a multidisciplinary approach to restore a maxillary anterior dental implant. A combination of restorative and orthodontic treatments were used to prepare the maxillary anterior site for dental implant placement. Following placement of the dental implant, periodontal crown lengthening was performed prior to final prosthetic restoration of the dental implant to achieve a harmonious and esthetic final result that has remained stable for 7 years.

    17. Advanced Surgical and Restorative Therapies Aimed at Rehabilitation of a Severe Dentoalveolar Defect in the Esthetic Zone By Barry P. Levin, Sergio Rubinstein, Hal Rosenthaler, Toshi Fujiki, Peter Tawil

    This case report demonstrates 3-dimensional restoration of a severely-damaged alveolar ridge. Prior extraction, surgical trauma and infection resulted in total loss of facial and palatal cortices in an esthetically- critical area of the dentition. The compromised restorative and endodontic status of the adjacent canine precluded a conventional fixed bridge. Cytokine-enhanced stimulation of mesenchymal stem cells, combined with a resorbable rigid scaffold reconstructed the alveolar ridge, facilitating implant placement. Additional grafting at implant placement provided the restorative dentist with two osseointegrated fixtures. The residual soft tissue deficiency was compensated for with ceramics combined with CAD/CAM technology to provide an esthetic fixed restoration.

    29. Management of Soft Tissue with an Emergence Profile Pontic Design for Maxillary Implant-Supported Restorations By Yvan Fortin, Burton Langer, Richard M. Sullivan

    Currently the two most prevalent pontic designs for anterior esthetics are the modified ridge lap and ovate types. This article describes a new, mildly compressive design that follows the contours of the residual osseous ridge crest and displaces more of the soft tissue into the labial, palatal, and interproximal areas, better reproducing a natural tooth-emergence profile.

    45. Subperiosteal Twin Implant Maxillary Tuberosity-Bound to Increase Stability By Antonio T. Di Giulio, Giancarlo Di Giulio, Enrico Gallucci

    For patients with severe resorbed maxillae who do not want to wear a traditional denture, subperiosteal implants can be an alternative. In some patients, however, the severity of bone loss in the maxilla precludes even the placement of subperiosteal implants. This report describes a modification of the traditional maxillary subperiosteal implant to provide such patients with a new modified implant referred to as subperiosteal twin implant maxillary tuberosity-bound (subperiosteal twin implant).

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