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Gingival Contouring with Prepable Abutments

  • Journal:Gingival Contouring with Prepable Abutments Volume: Vol 4, No. 2 Date: March 2012
    Authors:Stefano Volpe, Stefano Volpe, Nyree Divitini, Neil Meredith, Nicholas Toscano, George Kotsakis, Jose Antonio Sanchez Caballo

    Gingival Contouring with Prepable Abutments


    17. Case of the month: The Use of Matched Anatomical Healing and Prepable Abutments to Define Soft Tissue Contour Around Implants By Stefano Volpe, Nyree Divitini, Neil Meredith

    Esthetics are increasingly becoming a hallmark for success for dental restorations. This article discusses use of matched anatomical healing and preppable abutments to define the soft tissue contour around dental implants. These abutments aid the clinician in delivering a more esthetic final restoration to the patient with harmonious gingival contours.

    25. Amnion Chorion Allograft Barrier: Indications and Techniques Update By Dan Holtzclaw, Nicholas Toscano

    Fetal tissues such as amnion have been used in medical procedures for nearly 100 years. As far back as 1913, medical literature reported on use of amnion in the repair of skin wounds. Over 50 years ago, amnion was used in eye surgery and is still used today for procedures such as corneal grafts. In 2007 the first use of amnion and chorion, the two fetal tissues that make up the amniotic sac was in eye surgery. Shortly thereafter, amnion chorion membranes (ACM) were introduced for use in surgical dentistry.

    41. Removal of a Large Radicular Cyst and Simultaneous Ridge Regeneration Utilizing Alloplastic Calcium Phosphosilicate Putty in Combination with Platelet By Rich Fibrin (PRF): A Case Report George Kotsakis, V. Chrepa

    The most frequent odontogenic cyst is the radicular, also called periapical cyst, with its prevalence varying between 50.2% – 84.5% among all odontogenic cysts. Radicular cysts can occur in the periapical area of any teeth, at any age but are most commonly seen in 30-50 year old patients. They are usually less than 1 cm in diameter and occur more frequently in the mandible than in the maxilla. This case reports documents removal of a large radicular cyst with simultaneous ridge augmentation utilizing alloplastic phosphosilicate putty in combination with a platelet rich fibrin membrane.

    51. Immediate Implants in the Anterior Maxilla with Augmentation By Jose Antonio Sanchez Caballo

    Placement of dental implants in the anterior sector is a challenge to obtain perfect results biologically and prosthetically. Upon loss of an anterior tooth, physiologic changes in the gingival and underlying bony architecture can lead to unaesthetic outcomes and difficult implant placement. The aim of this article was to demonstrate a case in which anterior esthetics and physiologic function were preserved following maxillary anterior tooth removal and replacement with a dental implant and bone graft.

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