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Computer Guided Full Arch Immediately Loaded Dental Implants

  • Journal:Computer Guided Full Arch Immediately Loaded Dental Implants Volume: vol. 9 No. 2 Date: February 2017
    Authors:Dr. Dhaval P. Pandya, Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao, Dr. Kanir H. Bhatia, Dan Holtzclaw, Robert Tofe, Algabri RS, Keshk AM, Elkhadem AH, Fahmmy A, Aboalrejal HO, Dr. Ajay Mootha, ,Dr. Ramandeep Dugal

    6. Computer Guided Full Arch Treatment Modality for the Edentulous Patient: A Case Report

    Successful outcomes in the field of implantology often involve an amalgamation of good planning, execution of surgery and finally, accurate prosthetic rehabilitation. In the planning phase, it is possible for the surgeon to interact dynamically with a 3D reconstruction of the actual case scenario. The exact angulations and on the placement of implants can be pre-determined virtually. The virtual plan is then transferred to the clinical setting through the fabrication of a surgical guide. Advances in the prosthetic framework designs especially for a full arch implant reconstruction have led to superior final outcomes for both the patient and the clinician.

    16. An Updated Primer on the Utilization of Amnion-Chorion Allografts in Dental Procedures

    While placentally derived allografts have been utilized in medical procedures for over 100 years, their use in dental procedures is relatively new with only 10 years of continuous history. As in medical procedures, the initial applications of placental grafts in dental procedures were with amnion products. More recently, however, advanced placental allografts such as laminated amnion-chorion products have displaced the use of amnion-only products. The
    addition of a chorion layer to amnion allograft has produced a number of improvements over amnion alone including increased thickness of the membrane and a 20-fold increase in growth factor content.

    38. Full Mouth Rehabilitation of Completely Edentulous Patient with Full Arch Screw-Retained Prosthesis: A Case Report with 4 Year Follow Up

    In completely edentulous patient’s rehabilitation with screw retained full arch fixed implant supported prosthesis, the achievement passive fit of superstructure to the implants is considered as major challenge to prosthodontist. This passive fit is supposed to be one of the most vital requirements for the maintenance of the osseointegration, otherwise unfavorable complications is expected. In this case report, full mouth rehabilitation of patient with all on-4 implant prosthesis was described.

    46. A Review of Photofunctionalization of Dental Implants

    UV photofunctionalization of titanium implants has shown promising results of the treatment outcomes. Photofunctionalized implants have shown promising findings in regards to bone implant contact, Osteoblast response & implant stability; hence opening up the avenue to be incorporated in daily implant practice. This article summarizes the findings of all the recent in vivo & in vitro research conducted.

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