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Clinical Effectiveness of Guided Implant Surgery

  • Journal:Clinical Effectiveness of Guided Implant Surgery Volume: vol. 11 No. 2 Date: May 2019
    Authors:Hakobyan Gagik, Hakobyan David, Nariman Samadbin, Nguyen Khanh Long, Hoang Phong My, Dinh Van Truong, Nguyen Dinh Phuc, Dr. Britto Falcón-Guerrero, Rohit Mathur, Chiu-Jen Hsu, Max Nahon, Thomas J. Balshi

    6. Clinical Effectiveness of Guided Implant Surgery

    The present study aimed at investigating the 5-year clinical treatments outcomes of 93 patients with partial and complete edentulism. No intra-operative or immediate postoperative complications were noted. The success rate at 1 year from the final loading was similar in all groups with no implants lost. Guided implant surgery represents a clinically predictable surgical procedure to restore partially and totally edentulous patients.

    16. Rehabilitation of Severe Maxillary Noma Defect with Zygomatic Implants: A Case Report

    Zygomatic implants have been recently used for prosthetic rehabilitation in patients with large maxillary defects. A 40 year old patient presented to our clinic with Noma treated with free vascularized osteocutaneous fibula flaps. The resultant defect encompassed the total maxilla up to the lower rim of the orbital and maxillary zygomatic arch. Four zygomatic dental implants were placed successfully and a full arch screw-retained fixed prosthesis was later completed. The current Case Report documents treatment of this case.

    24. Treatment of a Complex Buccal Dehiscence with an Immediately Placed Dental Implant in an Infected Site: A Case Report

    Different procedures to regenerate the bone loss are used with different levels of success to achieve an adequate osseointegration of the immediate implants. The use of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) with graft materials enhance and accelerate the normal guided bone regeneration (GBR) pathways. This report describes the use of PRF as an enhancer for the stability of an immediate implant with a 1 year follow-up period in infected site

    34. Revision Treatment of Failed Iliac Crest Grafts with a Small Diameter Dental Implant: A Case Report

    Using dental implants to restore completely edentulous patients is rapidly becoming the top adopted treatment protocol. When restoring completely edentulous patients, there are 2 main options: removable or fixed prosthetics. However, when a patient has limited to no bone, there are fewer options for the patient. The current treatment adding one 3.0 mm diameter implant at the midline does provide stability for the overdenture bar and removable prosthesis. The 1 year follow up shows promising results.

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