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Bone Augmentation with Buccal Plates

  • Journal:Bone Augmentation with Buccal Plates Volume: Vol 5, No. 5 Date: May 2013
    Authors:Capt (Dr) Rajat Lanzara, Lt Col (Dr) Manab Kosala, Brig (Dr) S K Roy, Col (Dr) S K Rath, Shinya Yura, Mitsuru Kozakai, Griffin Cole, Anil K. Reddy, Celeste M. Abraham

    Bone Augmentation with Buccal Plates


    11. Dentin Dysplasia Type I and II Characteristics in the Adolescent By Anil K. Reddy, Celeste M. Abraham

    Dentin Dysplasia is classified as Type I and Type II. This article describes a case of dentin dysplasia with a blend of features from both types.

    17. Treatment of Bisphosphonate Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (BRONJ) with Oxygen-Ozone Therapy: A Case Study By Griffin Cole

    Bisphosphonate related osteonecrosis of the jaw (BRONJ) is recognized as a condition caused by trauma to dentoalveolar structures that have a limited capacity for bone healing due to the effects of bisphosphonate therapy. This trauma, thought to be related to dental surgery or other obvious oral trauma can now include what may be referred to as “micro-trauma”, a result of every day mastication and home care. BRONJ manifests as exposed, non-vital bone involving the maxillofacial structures and is thought to be related to a defect in jaw bone physiologic remodeling or wound healing. The strong inhibition of osteoclast action precipitated by bisphosphonate therapy, coupled with an oral flora which is conducive to bacterial invasion and cell proliferation of wound sites leads to the inhibition of normal bone turnover.

    23. Alveolar Ridge Augmentation with a Buccal Bone Graft from the Mandibular Molar Region By Shinya Yura, Mitsuru Kozakai

    Implant placement in the posterior mandible and maxilla is frequently complicated by the presence of inadequate bone quantity and quality. We describe a procedure for buccal bone grafting with two mandibular buccal shelf cortical plates for bone augmentation of the ridge crest with palatal-buccal and vertical defects.

    29. LASER – An Effective Surgical Alternative for Pericoronal Flap Excision in the Third Molar Region By Col (Dr) S K Rath, Capt (Dr) Rajat Lanzara, Lt Col (Dr) Manab Kosala, Brig (Dr) S K Roy

    Laser surgery has been shown to exhibit advantages over scalpel surgeries in many procedures. The advantages include less post-operative pain, hemostasis and healing without scar formation. The study sought to compare the post-operative complications of scalpel surgery and laser assisted surgery in the case of pericoronal flap excision.

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