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All-On-4 (TM.) Success Rates with Different Implant Systems

  • Journal:All-On-4 (TM.) Success Rates with Different Implant Systems Volume: vol. 7 No. 5 Date: May 2015
    Authors:Dan Holtzclaw, Nicholas Toscano, Joseph Yang, Luis Roberto Sanchez Garza, Brayann Oscar Aleman, Luis Roberto Sanchez Ramirez, Christian Brenes, Ibrahim Duqum, Gustavo Mendoza, Lyndon Cooper, Charles M. Cobb, Keerthana M. Satheesh Satheesh, Mabel L. Salas, Simon R. MacNeill

    All-On-4 (TM.) Success Rates with Different Implant Systems


    11. A Retrospective Analysis of Patients Treated with the All-On-4 Treatment Concept using a Variety of Different Dental Implant Systems

    To date, no study has compared success rates between different dental implant systems when utilized for the All-On-4 treatment concept. The aim of this retrospective analysis is to evaluate the outcomes of patients treated with the All-On-4 concept using a variety of dental implant systems.

    21. Mandibular Reconstruction and Full Arch Rehabilitation with Dental Implants Following a Gunshot Injury: A Clinical Report

    Management of gunshot injuries to the face led in many ways to the development of modern maxillofacial surgery, and it remains a cornerstone of the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Bone grafts are frequently required in the management of Gunshot wounds to the face, whether for replacement of true loss of bone or in cases in which comminuted and misplaced fragments need to be replaced or reinforced. Insertion of osseointegrated dental implants several months after mandibular reconstruction using bone grafts has proved to be a successful method to achieve mastication and complete oral rehabilitation. The successful restoration of patients with dental implants can result in a change in dental function and health.

    47. Current CAD/CAM Materials and Systems for All Ceramic Restorations: A Review of the Literature

    A literature review was done to review the evolution, properties, characteristics, and marginal fit of current CAD/CAM materials and fabrications systems for all-ceramic restorations. Methods: A data search of peer-reviewed articles through PUBMED search, annual publications and a hand search of textbooks and journals on CAD/CAM all-ceramic materials was sought.  The last search was conducted on July 2014

    61. Biophysical Factors Affecting Bacterial Adhesion to Dental Implant Surfaces: A Focused Review

    Increased placement of dental implants will lead to an increase in the prevalence of peri-implant disease. Peri-implant inflammatory lesions are initiated by the host response to the presence of a microbial biofilms. How microbes attach themselves to implant surfaces involves the interaction of several biophysical factors. This limited review discusses the role of several interrelated
    biophysical factors that directly impact microbial adhesion to dental implant surfaces.

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