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Internal Sinus Floor Elevation Implants

  • Journal:Internal Sinus Floor Elevation Implants Volume: vol. 7 No. 6 Date: August 2015
    Authors:Britto Falcón, Cuong Ha, Terry D. Rees, Celeste Abraham, Yi-Shing Lisa Cheng, Lee Jordan, Jacqueline Plemons, Rocco E. Mele, Anthony Caiafa, Gregori M. Kurtzman, Ramandeep Kaur Sandhu, Tania Sethi, Raman Sandhu, Mohit Kheur, Supriya Kheu

    Internal Sinus Floor Elevation Implants


    11. Treatment of Post-Extraction Implant with Internal Sinus Floor Elevation: A Case Report

    Post extraction implants is a predictable treatment as well as the procedure of internal sinus floor elevation with osteotome in the maxilla.  While these treatments are often made separately, this report presents a case where these two procedures are performed at the same time with one year of follow up evaluation.

    17. The Use of Anti-Oxidants in the Treatment of Perisistent, Non-responsive Oral Lichen Planus: A Randomized Control Clinical Trial

    Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown etiology. Recent literature links high levels of oxidative stress markers, like malondialdehyde (MDA), and OLP. An antioxidant combination of phloretin and ferulic acid has been shown to reduce oxidative stress. We conducted a double-blinded, placebocontrolled randomized clinical trial to test the efficacy of this combination in managing OLP and to
    explore the link between oxidative stress and OLP.

    29. Endosseous Implant/Crown Survival in a Companion Animal: A Case Report

    It has long been accepted, although with some limitations, that the discipline of veterinary dentistry has tended to follow the trends and advancements in the human dental field. This is the case for the area of dental implantology. As for any procedure performed on a patient, the patient (in human dentistry) or the pet owner (in veterinary dentistry) need to be able to make an informed decision based on the available evidence, given to them by their clinician.

    43. Tissue Level Implants with Locator Attachments: A Convenient and Cost Effective Option for Edentulous Patients

    The rehabilitation of edentulous patients with two implant supported overdentures is the standard of care. Conventionally, bone level implants with corresponding attachments or single piece implants have been described in the literature. Tissue level implants with Locator attachments are a simple, cost effective yet a very successful option got the edentulous mandible. This case report summarises the surgical steps required for the placement of tissue-level implants and clinical steps to fabricate an overdenture with Locator attachments.

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