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Implant Stabilization of Dental Trauma

  • Journal:Implant Stabilization of Dental Trauma Volume: Vol 5, No. 10 Date: October 2013
    Authors:Sherman Lin, Dan Holtzclaw

    Implant Stabilization of Dental Trauma

    11. Immediate Implant after Extraction of Lower Molar Tooth By Sherman Lin

    Immediate implant placement at the mandibular molar site is one of the most challenging procedures in implant dentistry. Anatomical features such as the inferior alveolar nerve make this a difficult process. The following case report demonstrates immediate implant placement in the mandibular molar location following extraction of the tooth.

    19. Preventing Disfigurative Healing with Immediate Hard and Soft Tissue Treatment for Recent Dentoalveolar Trauma: A Case Report By Dan Holtzclaw

    While there are many articles that describe treatment of dentoalveolar trauma1-7 for instances such as tooth avulsion or subluxation, very few address the immediate treatment of the supporting periodontium, especially for esthetic concerns, and subsequent restoration of the case in the future. The fact is that the typical dental professional will not see cases of advanced dental trauma in his or her scope of practice. Severe maxillofacial trauma cases typically receive initial treatment in hospital emergency rooms with initial and follow up care by oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Less severe cases of oral trauma, although not life threatening, are still important to treat quickly as they may result in disfigurative healing if not treated properly. The aim of this case report is to describe the periodontal treatment of a single case in which a patient suffered significant non-life threatening dentoalveolar trauma that would have resulted in disfigurative healing without immediate intervention.

    42. Sinus Augmentation with Immediate Implant Insertion: A Case Report By Sherman Lin

    In many cases following removal of a maxillary molar, pneumatization of the maxillary sinus results in inadequate bone height for the placement of dental implants. In order to place dental implants in such sites, a maxillary sinus lift is often required. The following case report demonstrates simultaneous placement of a dental implant in conjunction with a maxillary sinus lift along with 7 year follow up.

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