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Fibrous Dysplasia

  • Journal:Fibrous Dysplasia Volume: vol. 10 No. 5 Date: July 2018
    Authors:Dr. Dhaval P Pandya, Dr. Anil Varshney, Dr. Prashant D Shirke, Dhaval P Pandya, Dr. Nathalia Benevides de Moraes, Dr. Eduardo José de Moraes, Carlos Nelson Elias, Luis Eduardo Benevides de Moraes, Soulayman Diallo, Ahmad Soolari

    6. Fibrous Dysplasia of the Mandible: A Case Report

    Fibrous dysplasia is a skeletal developmental disorder of the bone forming mesenchyme that manifests as a defect in osteoblastic differentiation and maturation. It is a lesion of unknown etiology, uncertain pathogenesis, and diverse histopathology. Fibrous dysplasia represents about 2.5% of all bone tumours and over 7% of all benign tumours. The aim of this article is to present a rare case report of monostotic fibrous dysplasia of posterior mandible in a forty seven year old asymptomatic Indian female and its interdisciplinary management.

    12. Florid Cemento-Osseous Dysplasia of the Jaws: Report of a Rare Case

    Florid Cemento-Osseous Dysplasia (FCOD) is a rare “fibro-osseous” lesion that characteristically affects the jaw bones in middle aged individuals. The condition is usually asymptomatic and needs no treatment. The diagnosis of FCOD is made typically on the basis of clinical and radiological features and biopsy is generally not recommended due to the risk of post operative secondary infection. This article reports a rare case of FCOD affecting the maxilla and mandible as an incidental finding in a sixty three year old asymptomatic Indian female patient.

    20. Analysis of the Mechanical Behavior of Components of Osseointegrated Implants Submitted to Maximum Compression

    Adell et al. presented a longitudinal clinical study of the protocols proposed by Brånemark, where the clinical behavior of osseointegrated implants was evaluated over 15 years. In this study, the authors confirmed the predictability and high success rate of this new modality of treatment, as well as analyzed its complications and failures

    26. Developing a Long-Term Relationship with Patients: The Role of the Dental Hygienist

    Dental insurance policies typically include two free cleanings per year, a service performed by dental hygienists; these professionals, therefore, bring new patients to the dental practice. Since most patients desire and can probably afford a teethcleaning session, they are likely to schedule one ( The patients’ self-driven motivation is a valuable opportunity for an office to invest in a strong dental hygiene program, and proper planning and staffing will make such a program an investment yielding high returns.


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