Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is a second generation platelet concentrate widely used to accelerate soft and hard tissue healing.  Its advantages over the better known platelet-rich plasma (PRP) include ease of preparation/application, minimal expense, and lack of biochemical modification (no bovine thrombin or anticoagulant is required).  PRF is a strictly autologous fibrin matrix containing a large quantity of platelet and leukocyte cytokines.

This case presentation demonstrates how PRF may be used in site preservation procedures.  Additional uses for PRF and detailed explanations of the science behind PRF may be obtained at the official Choukroun PRF Lecture Series

Pre-Op Presentation


Patient presented with a nonrestorable tooth #8.

Pre-Op Preparation of PRF


Blood is drawn from the patient and spun down in the Process(c) PRF centrifuge.


The PRF is then converted to PRF membranes.

Site Preservation of Site 8


Tooth 8 is atraumatically extracted and grafted.


The grafted site 8 is covered with PRF membranes.

Healing of Site 8


After an 8 week healing period, site 8 is ready to receive a dental implant.

Delivery of Dental Implant to Site 8


Implant fixture is delivered to site 8 and covered with another PRF membrane to facilitate and enhance soft tissue closure.